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静岡市在住のエンジニアです。Ruby / Swift / Kotlin あたりをよく話します。また、静岡中心に展開している、スタンプラリーアプリ「まちぽスタンプ」の開発を行っています。 Mashup Awards 1st 最優秀受賞、2nd 特別賞、3rd / 4th 入賞。シズオカアプリコンテスト運営支援・ポータルサイト開発。
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Swift was announced open-source in 2015, which opens up the language to the potential to be used across a variety of platforms and for backend infrastructure. Open-sourcing Swift means that Apple will be able to get feedback from the community to make improvements consistently as independent developers contribute to the success of the language. Enroll yourself in the Swift Online Course with the help of experienced trainers.
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