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I have been associated with divine sadhus, sages and pundits since childhood. The search for truth inspired me to proceed on the path of spirituality. Astrologer according to astrology tradition. With in-depth study and research in Vedic astrology, I found many interrelated knowledge sutras that also deal with Yoga, Ayurveda, Mantra Shastra and Homam Vedic actions and procedures. My divine guru once said that the entire Vedic system should be studied thoroughly to do justice to Vedic astrology. Therefore, I explored many Vedic teachings based on my specialty in Vedic astrology. I can help you gain true knowledge of Vedic Science and take effective measures to address your concerns. For example, the position of Jupiter in the first house in your chart indicates that Lord Shiva is very happy with the native because of the deeds of his previous birth. Therefore, I would recommend you to devote time to Shiva Bhakti. And I will give love of devotion. Astrologers print horoscopes in newspapers that are personalized by birth date. These horoscopes make predictions in people's personal lives, describe their personalities, and give them advice; all according to the position of astronomical bodies.23-Mar-2013 Contact Details - Astrologer Manoj Sharma Ji Call/WhatsApp (India): +91-9571101821 Call/WhatsApp : +91-9571101821 Email: info : W/S: Website Page:


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