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地図屋やってます。Code for SAITAMAではイベントの運営をしてます。
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This is the account of LinkData support. I register externally hosted Apps which related to data published on Please send the message if you want to register your name as the creator of your App.
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Deputy General Manager, Web-GIS Business Sales Dept.
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WebとかGISとかに携わり中なエンジニア的な感じだけども気持ちはデザイナー。 週末はホースライダー。
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"The world is witnessing the growth of a global movement facilitated by technology and social media and fuelled by information – one that contains enormous potential to create more accountable, efficient, responsive, and effective governments and businesses, and to spur economic growth. Open data sit at the heart of this global movement." from : G8 Open Data Charter
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福井県出身・在住 CAD/PipeRapid/ときどきプログラムやQGISなど。
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Wetech digital is a product development services company with a focus on building ‘scalable’ enterprise and consumer-facing applications with a great User experience. With an expertise in the contemporary web and mobile technologies and the cloud, we have designed and developed software products across domains ranging from Storage, Cybersecurity, Virtualization, FinTech, Healthcare, Education, Logistics, Internet of Things and Smart City Management.
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Dr Chytra V Anand is an internationally renowned Cosmetic dermatologist. She is one of the best skin specialist in bangalore and a celebrity dermatologist consult now
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If you have a Contractual Job preference, we have the matching job for you. So just register yourself with us and start receiving Contractual Job opportunities from today.
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Get your PM-JAY card registered online to get a health assurance scheme from NHA. Visit Ayushman Bharat Yojana website for hospital list and toll-free number
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TNT group is a family-owned moving company based in the San Francisco Bay Area providing residential, corporate & international relocation services for the last 30 years in the logistics industry.
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